5 Golden rules to get more customers

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So your at the stage where your needing more customers. You have set up a company but you are looking to grow and develop.


Well… Listen up because below is 5 golden rules to bring more customers to you!


Social Media
I know allot of companies BANG on about social media although it does work, it will only work for you if you change your mind set. For example a simple status post such as “I went for a 5 mile run today! :D” Could be turned into something so much more. The trick is to engage your audience so you could put “I did the lakeside run today! why not try beat my deep house cleaning downey ca 😀 – Link to your blog”  this combined with an image has already captured the fitness market and set a challenge for your audience to beat whilst still bringing people to your website.


A blog is a tool that every company should have for 2 simple reasons:

  1. For social media
  2. For SEO

So you maybe asking yourself how its going to help you with social media and SEO. With social media its a very fast industry when it comes to statuses and you will notice you will do posts that some of your audience will not see for example if there at work etc. So what you can do is ‘Recycle’ by using your blog posts however doing them at different times in the day to capture different audiences. For SEO blogs are great as its fresh content for google to see, you can target niche keywords with each post and really capture your audience.


Networking is a MUST for all businesses, big or small. Its not about meeting once a week to meet the same 20 businesses for a coffee, its much more and can really open doors for any company. I usually describe networking as a spiders web. If each person in the room knows an average of 20 people that’s over 400 people you are marketing your services to via the group. So contact your local group today and go down and see what its about.


One 2 Ones
Asking “lets have a coffee?” is a very simple thing to do. Similar to networking it allows you to market to everyone they know. The trick in one 2 ones is to listen find out all about there company and they will tell you how you can help them or anything they need help with naturally. Then help them with what they need, and they will return the favor by helping you out with new clients.


Follow up
This might sound like common sense but allot of people still do not do it. The trick is to make your call back more about feedback. Ask how they got on with it and they will happily tell you, if they have gone down another route. However you do need to give them time to get back to you. We would recommend 2/3 weeks gap in this time even the busiest of people would have an idea of where there going. Make a note in your diary and give them a follow up call its free and some times prompts them into action.


So there you have it – 5 Golden rules to getting more customers for your business – Stick to them and it will reward you. If you have any questions or would like to “grab a coffee” feel free to contact me via 01302 378223 or email me stephen@inspiredigital.co.uk

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