No Effort is Wasted: Referrals

‘I should have said something.’ ‘I should have asked!’ ‘I should have done it!’ Familiar? All people, no matter which world you think you are in, have these thoughts more than once in their life. Probably as you are reading this, you are having those movie-like flashbacks, remembering those regretful memories you tried to learn from

In the marketing world, where every second counts, hesitations could easily turn to regretful memories. Many people have lost so much money they could have had, by simply not talking to people and asking for referrals. Yes, you read that right, money ‘they could have had’.

‘Well, it is easier said than done’. Fair enough, as it includes asking for referrals, for so many reasons.

Here are three things that could help:

Build relationship and trust. Let me ask you, would you refer someone you don’t trust to a friend? NO! As business – minded people, we do think of expanding our business, and the key to that are connections – people. But people (clients) won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Build a strong relationship. Show them that they can trust you. When you do that, there are only a few things you can’t ask them.

Open your mouth. For most people, this is the hardest part: the ‘asking’ part. Nothing would happen unless you ask. No matter how strong your relationship is, no matter how much your client trusts you, unless you open your mouth and ask for a referral, there is a very slim chance that they’ll give you gym palm desert.

Don’t be afraid of rejection. ‘What if the client would say NO?’ Your fear and hesitation are your main enemies. It caps the potential of what you can do – or what you could have. Let me ask you, if the client won’t give you any referral, so what? Did you lose anything? None. Then what are you waiting for? Ask.

Remember, no effort is wasted. You will never know unless you try. Maybe, you’re now thinking of the chances that you wasted. Fret not, there will always be chances and opportunities that will come your way. Try what we talked about, and you will never have these type of regretful memories, ever again.


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